November 11, 2016

Best 6 Street Goth Fashion Style Ideas

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1Goth style, the heavily accessorized fashion culture matched with heavy dark makeup is now more than ever, being worn on the streets. Thanks to high fashion designers and fashion houses launching darker collections not only for this coming fall season, Goth subculture has become somewhat mainstream and isn’t as misunderstood. Without the obvious chains and spikes to incorporate your Goth clothing, you can achieve the Goth street style by following these 6 simple style ideas.

1. Hair
If you’re wearing a darker outfit then there’s no need to dye your hair black. Time to break the usual goth fashion choices. Gone are the days when your strands had to be jet black. You can now play up with colors like pastels and ombre.

2. Make-up
Fashion houses rock the runways with their models strutting dark berry or cherry stained lips. They also go for ombre by mixing two different shades of red lipstick, one dark and one bright. For a wearable or everyday make-up, you can go for deep to bright red. The trick is to focus on your lips and keep the rest of your face natural.

Face: Skip the heavy white foundation and just stick to your natural skin tone. If you’re already pale then you’re considered lucky.

Eyebrows: You can say goodbye to unibrows or no brows at all. Enhancing your brows depends on you. You can draw them lighter or darker.

Eyes: Goth makeup means smokey eyes. You can use different shades of brown or bronze, blues in darker hues. Use eyeliners in shades or black, brown or blue. Use a good noir mascara. Wearing white or comic contact lenses are optional. If you feel like wearing them do it!

Cheeks: Modern Goth inspired make-up on runways have heavily contoured cheeks.

Lips: Black is still ok, but if you can try mulberry or ox-blood lipstick shades. Most cosmetic companies have launched a make-up line for fall and made them permanent.

3. Goth Tops
You can leave the leather corsets wear an awesome print Gothic top. Match it with a pair of denims or other bottoms you have on your wardrobe. There are other options like wearing coats, blouses, sexy tops and even statement shirts.

For guys, zipped up to the face leather jackets, sweaters both knitted or fabric, cropped and draped leather jackets. During cold weather, you can layer up your style by wearing fleece capes, shawls and wrap ups.

4. Bottoms
Black pants and/or dark skirts paired with stockings give you the perfect Gothic street style. Peplums, asymmetric skirts, drapes, denims, shorts or jumpers are also pretty cool gothic inpired bottoms you can wear.

5. Footwear
Platform boots can still be worn but you can trade them in for stilettos, doll shoes, high tops, ankle boots and even peep toes. A nice pair of leather edgy shoes for men look good as well. It doesn’t matter if they’re slipped on, zipped up or laced up, as long as they look dangerous, they are perfect.You can wear them with buckles and spikes since you have toned it down on your spiky accessories, why not wear them on your shoes instead.

Try inverted wedge heels! Theese unique shoes have gathered much attention lately with various celebrities like Lady Gaga wearing them. One important tip to remember if you are thinking of wearing these shoes are make sure you are a whizz at balancing. You definitely will not get any sympathy from others if you fall.

6. Goth Accessories
The goal here is to speak with your Gothic accessories. Having a wise choice of mixing and matching your outfits together with different accessories then you are good to go. You can match your tops with Goth necklaces or Goth watches.

Match your outfit with big black bags or satchels, it doesn’t matter if they’re branded with skulls or not. Sunglasses, clutches and bracelets are great accessories to complete your look too.

To show that you are comfortable with what you are wearing and represent, you can be bold by matching darker make-up with colourful, artistic fabrics or even ensembles with animal prints. Diversity is now celebrated in our modern society more than ever, so be creative and fearless!!


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